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This week was interesting..ish..I suppose. Went to see Mama Mia on Sunday with Mango, Asparagus, and..Jennifer. Must find food name for her..hm..maybe I should rename her Jamba Juice or..Jello. I dunno, but yeah, went to see that and it was OMG. Some good OMG but some really bad OMG, like when that..dude who used to play James Bond, whatever his name was; well, he started singing and it wasn't good singing either. He can sing, sorta, but I don't think singing really fits his persona. It was just strange and hilarious. Especially the end where we get to see the clothing from the 70s and it was...colorful. Nothing else to say about that matter. Then we went to eat at Bubba Gump and I got this cool cup that blinks worse than a rave. It's probably a cup they would use in one.

Monday was horrible because it was cold and windy as hell but I had to go and take a Chem prep course at San Jose State. Pretty much wake up at 6:30, leave house by 7, walk to the Caltrain station in 20 minutes, and sleep on the train for an hour until I get to San Jose. Then get on a bus and finally get there so I can sit through a two hour lecture and another 2 hour "hands on" thing where we work on problems. Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The teacher, Dr. Singmaster was surprisingly interesting. Especially when talking about the professors.

Singmaster: "There was this one professor that all the students hated and for the longest time I couldn't figure out why. So finally one day I actually talk to the man and he was the sweetest guy in the world. So it was strange. It was like one day out of the blue, pop, he changed....He's been like that for ten years and suddenly he's the greatest guy ever....Well, I found out later that was because.....he got a divorce. ::starts cracking up::

Yesterday she talked about dry ice.

Singmaster: ::throws dry ice into beaker of water:: "See, this is what all those mad scientist movies are about. And if you want to make it REALLY interesting! ::pours food coloring into beaker:: Now let's see what happens with soap! ::pours soap in and whole concoction starts making large bubble tube that slowly rises until it falls over::

Student: "Now how long will it take for it to finish bubbling?"

Singmaster: "Eh, it's almost dead. You can hear it crackling it's last dying breath already."

Today, she demonstrated the wonders of liquid nitrogen.

Singmaster: ::sticks flower into liquid nitrogen:: "Now liquid nitrogen..blah blah blah blah..." ::flower falls off stem:: "OOP! Oh well, I have ten more of these; let's try again."

Of course, she then dumps the whole container on the floor and the whole first row flinches and pulls their feet up. The interesting thing was that it was the best floor cleaner in the world because you could see it pulling all the dirt on the floor into this one little neat pile. So awesome.

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