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San Jose Orientation

Yay, update.

Went to orientation on Thursday and Friday and let me tell you, it was borderline insane. There were good parts, mostly from the people I met; but that's it. Let's start my schedule, shall we?

Day 1

Wake up at 6:30 realizing I forgot to pack up things and so begins the race against time to fit every little thing possible into a gym bag. (btw, I still forgot an extra pillow; but we can't have everything can we?)

Get out the door by 7:15 into the car for an hour long drive while trying to apply on sunscreen that smelled really .

Try to get dad to go home and stop worrying that we were too early. In fact, by the time I got to the place we were supposed to meet; the line already started forming.

Wait for 45 minutes while talking to the person in front of me who turned out to be my roommate for the night.

Do stuff like break up into groups and talk and "bond" while taking this four page survey which was the weirdest thing ever asking things like "Are you a Liberal or a Conservative?" and "How popular are you?" LOL, that was funny.

Go into the music hall to talk about how our life will be a journey and I promptly fell asleep because it was boring and there was air conditioning.

::Skipping things that I can't remember::

Meet our...I want to say advisor (advisor or adviser? how do you spell this?) but I'm not sure...yeah..whatever..ANYWAYS, his name was Micheal and he was seriously the funniest person ever. His first sentence with us was "Black people are SENSITIVE!" I was laughing so hard because of that...

Random Conversation:

Random guy: What happens if you fail the MPE?
Micheal: ::very seriously:: Then we'll kick you out.
Random guy: ::stares::

I was really trying not to laugh at him but it was hard. Later when we talked, we had the single weirdest conversation that started with class scheduling to how girls are jealous of his figure to how his driver's license was first sent to him saying he was a female to Breathing 101...do not exhaust yourself by breathing too much, you should only breathe deeply twice a day. And that was in the span of...like...twenty minutes. In the end, I realize that I forgot to ask him for his name...even tho I saw his license, but it wasn't like I would really focus on the name. (This actually happened on Day 2 but who says I have to go in order?)

I was at those booths that introduce you to things like Housing and shit and my GOD I was hungry. So, I'm talking to the secretary dude of the Vice president and I got some candy out of him but it was then that they announced that the lunch was going to close soon and I was seriously like..."Are you SERIOUS?! They started lunch and they didn't even TELL me?!?!" Secretary dude laughed at me and I rushed to get food before they closed.

Lunch was...really kinda gross. It was orange chicken with boiled broccoli and rice. The chicken was ok but the rice was almost...crunchy. It was pretty much white people's rice. Even though I was hungry, I filled up on soda; how healthy.

::Again skipping around cause..yeah

Dinner was actually not that bad. I sat with two people from my group along with a girl and her boyfriend who were majoring in Forensic science..oh yeah, and a parent. The other two people's names were Ashley who changed her major from dance to psychology and Nolan who is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Nolan really reminded me of Mike yet not. He had his sarcasm and slight antisocialness but BOY could he talk. He seriously could not stop talking and he carried around a tennis racket. Ashley was actually staying right across from me for orientation and also an anime and video game player/addict. I stuck with them for the rest of the night.

We went to their event center to play and just "mingle" at..nine or so and I ended up playing Wallyball with ten or so other ppl. Seriously it was sooo fun! Also, it was fun to trash talk with one of the dudes on the other team cause later on, he spiked the ball at the girl next to me and would not stop apologizing. HAHA.

Took short shower and camped out in Ashley's room cause Joy, my roommate, wanted to turn in early. Then returned to my room cause we have to shut the door at like..midnight and found out that Joy didn't fall asleep yet. So, we talked about her family and how she has this cute little puppy who's half chihuahua and half something else.

Tried to fall asleep but ended up rolling around for the rest of the night cause A) It was hot and stuffy...B)The bed was creaky and uncomfortable and C) People were outside our window and were HECKA loud.

Day 2

Woke up at 6:30 and woke Joy up too.

Packed up everything and stuff all the sheets into the pillowcase and left it outside the door.

Go outside to a long ass line to return our key while filling ANOTHER survey. (It actually wanted us to rate Day 2 which didn't even happen yet.)

Eat breakfast which by far was the best meal out of the others that I had.

Sign up for classes

Walk around the bookstore with Sarah and Jamila, two more ppl I met.

Pay for orientation and leave. (Dad was there quicker than I expected)

So yeah...Longest post I've written for a while. Aren't you proud? There was probably more but too lazy to add.
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