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yay, Merced...

Hello all who notice that I'm finally updating after...25 weeks, I've risen from the dead, again. Yesterday was somewhat interesting seeing as I spent two and a half hours in a car with my mother, father, and aunt driving to UC Merced. Of course when you're going on a road trip to go to a college, here are the most popular topics to talk about:

1. the college you're visiting right now
2. the colleges you didn't get into
3. the people who DID get into the colleges you didn't get into
4. the college majors
5. the college majors YOU chose
6. why the college majors you chose SUCK
7. why the college majors you chose are GOOD (that was about a ten minute conversation)
8. what college majors you SHOULD HAVE chosen
9. FOOD (cause by the time you get there, you're hungry)

so after 2 1/2 hours of hell and listening to the GPS say, "continue on your current route for ___ miles...turn right, turn left, you are at your destination..." we find out that asians are notorious for being early; for us, an hour early. but I noticed something as we were driving closer and closer to the city of Merced, there's nothing there. I'm serious, there is nothing there but land, land, maybe some water, an occasional and cows; which brings up the funny little event called "cow tipping". As Mango had so graciously told me, Merced is nothing but a hot place that participates an event known as "cow tipping" where drunk bastards who have nothing better to do go and tip cows over for fun because seriously, there is nothing there to do. At least not for another 10-15 minutes by car where there's an extremely small amount of stores and a gas station. Yay!

The good thing is that everything there is new considering it's about...3 or so years old and the housing I would get this fall is going to be brand new. Also having random rabbits and other wildlife doesn't hurt, I got to see one and I sat there watching the rabbit until I started to annoy my mother, who is now convinced that I'm weird for sitting in the middle of the walkway to stare at a rabbit eating grass. If I had a camera, I would have taken a pic; I didn't so that sux for you. The food looks yummy tho and the guide person was pretty good, even if she had the tendency to walk backwards and step and trip of random trees and poles. Kinda like me in a way, considering she was also aiming for a biological science major. The other ppl in our group included: korean guy with a baseball cap, his dad and an undeclared major and a latino girl with her whole family and aiming for psychology major. I'm happy about all the places you could study in, but the library was TINY!! So disappointing. As we were going home, I fell asleep so I have no idea what my mother and aunt were talking about considering father hardly inputs anything into these conversations. I suppose they would probably talk about:

1. how small the school was (seriously it was)
2. how SAFE the school might be (cause there's no way we could do anything there, like go on drinking binges or visit clubs, lolx)
3. how bored out of my mind I might be (I hope they talked about that unless they want me to be stuck in the exercise places or the clubs)
4. how that was a waste of 2 1/2 hours (again, something I hope they talked about)
5. how would I know?

By the time we got gas and drove all the way back, we went back home and feasted on ramen and soda! YAY! No, just joking. Grandma made us lotsa food and we got cake to celebrate the my aunt's birthday as well as mine. Clean up, wash dishes, yadda yadda yadda, we get home and we shower and go to sleep. Yes, that was my exciting Saturday.

sidenote: I will be legal in three days, woot!
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