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HELLO WORLD!! I have arisen from the dead and am breaking my hiatus on lj after..uh...many months!! >.< yes, lotsa ppl, mainly mango-chan will now be unleash their wrath upon me by spamming my comments about how i'm a lazy ass and blah blah blah...

anyways, last thursday i think...was it thursday or maybe wednesday? hmmmm....anyways, last week, we had our supposed to be junior but now senior rope's course retreat. YAY! it was really fun if you consider walking 12 feet across a one inch rope that was many MANY feet high fun. actually it was quite fun though it really hurt my arms the day after. afterwards, we went over to the other side of the park and we ate lunch. we had the guy with the strange purple shirt direct us to do "trust activities" for the remainder of the time. oh yes, we saw a HUGE spider after tripping down a hill blindfolded. the view at the bottom of that hill was pretty, it was the golden gate bridge and the weather made it look really nice. oh yes, the blue angels were practicing over us while we were eating lunch; very exciting indeed.

Saturday was hell...i'm serious, pure hell. SATs are the evil of the earth. whoever invented them suck. i wasn't able to leave until one..ish. now i'm paranoid about my scores and it doesn't help that my mother is pushing me to discuss colleges and how her "baby girl" is leaving her. awpoerjewlkf;aersjglkrejsf on the upside, our proctor/teacher person who watches us so we don't cheat was rather cute. ::grins::
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