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yay, happy thanksgiving to everybody! ::gobble gobble:: let's review:

woke up....sadly enough after mother woke me up with a frying pan.
defrosted turkey leaves the refrigerator. (hallelujah! finally my fridge is empty enough so that my lunch can go in it instead of the freezer)
laundry... my yard looks like a laundromat.
we go to my aunt's house at 1:00ish to start preparing food.
50 other ppl come. (we had a lotta ppl sitting on the floor around the big tv watching football. i was one of them)

the turkey was dry, the mashed potatoes were burnt to the extent that even butter and milk could not save them, cranberry sauce and gravy are turkey's best friend, and a bottle or two of wine is nonexistent after ten minutes with my uncle. the carrots were a hit with the young and toothless though, they were so soft that they melded into a large lump of orange after it was drained. one of my cousins could not wait for the food and mistook my arm as a leg of turkey, apparently it must have tasted like one too because he didn't let go. let it be known that it was a boy cousin, obviously and he had teeth. my pie ended up in the face of a rival three seconds after i received it, ah well, don't like pumpkin anyways. we had to cook more food because there were too many ppl...or some ate way more than others.

didn't i just have a lovely thanksgiving or what?
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