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yay, i'm updating again. lj is still pissing me off since it won't let me log on at home. let's see...updating about a whole month's worth of junk. well, i did that campaign assignment. that was fun. bouncy shoes...bouncy stick....this is what you get when you feed me jamba juice. i'm slightly..out there. hahaha. anything to say megan? you're heavy megan...you're falling off my shoulder...

i am not...

but i'm falling...

i like dr. pepper...she's on my shoulder again.


yes megan, blah. is that all you can say?


sleepy no?

no. just annoying you is fun.

you can't spell sideways.

chicken head.

butt head...

we're weird...

jamie was mean today. she shook my sparkling apple juice and it exploded. then she gave me twenty cents compensation....that was out of the blue.
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