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yay, i can finally log into lj normally. well, in school at least. i'm sitting in the instructional lab with megan and athina and ashley and gisel and felicity and...just anybody in my view. intro. to college is a bit tedious. i don't think i'm gonna stay awake very much, well that i already know. yay, anime club today, special halloween edition. that sounds like a video game.

Mango says she's going bald. XD

Mango is also tampering with my hair.

Doesn't Mango always do that? (and why is Mango talking in third person?)

Chiyo doesn't know. (hands hairties to Mango.)Mango says she needs to learn how to french braid. this is an odd conversation.

Mango says your hair is layered and it annoys her.

Chiyo asked the hairdresser especially to do that so Mango couldn't tamper with her hair.

Mango says that Chiyo is evil and will konk her on the head.

Chiyo knows she is evil, ::smirk:: she likes being evil. she's getting hit on the head, and it hurts.

Mango is going to start ball throwing at Chiyo. *can't find ball* ahh this water bottle will work fine.


Chiyo thinks that the water did not deserve that treatment.

Mango asks if she should give you the ASL treatment....

Chiyo contemplates on idea. She says no.

AWW. Mango says she should write her college essay on Chiyo.

Chiyo says no. She suggests Harry Potter.

Mango doesn't want to sound like a 6 year old kid.... Mango wants to write about her best friend Chiyo-chan.

::stares:: Chiyo thinks Mango should get another subject and actually work on it instead of talking about it.

Chiyo will now update weird conversation in third person.

::clicks update button::

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