michelle (azndaisy27) wrote,

hi michelle! i'm sitting with you in the esc..... haha. there's nothing to do.

me: you can't spell...look at all the times you hit the backspace button!

shove it. the backspace is my friend. i hate this keyboard. it should die...... although at least this computer is fast. XD haha.

me: in those four sentences alone, you used it at least 6 times!

yes... and in that one sentence you used it twice. gosh. XD

me: ONCE!!!! only ONCE!!!!!

sorry the math person cant count. XD and no michelle i dont care about stinky apostrophies.... or spelling for that matter. XD DIE!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHHAHAHA!

well i care!!!!! and apostrophies don't stink!!!! they are kinda evil especially around mrs. mountain.


there's no alcohol in it so it doesn't EXPLODE!!!! hahaha, makes a nice hacky-sack though.

meanie pooper. haha. at least i cant put my liver back in after i take it out! your's exploded all over!!!!! and at least i can keep my gum in my mouth....... XD no i dont want your gum, put it back... ug.

one of those sentences don't make sense.....are you sure, you seem to know so much about gum and you're the one who made me choke in the first place. be glad that i didn't spit it on you...

blah blah blah........ not listening........ at least i dont type while looking at the keyboard. XP

shut up! fine i'm not doing it anymore. and we have to go, it's 12:02!

but i dont wanna go to history, anyways see how slow you type while you're not looking at the keyboard.

accuracy counts you know. i don't want to go to math either. blah.......
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